Thursday, June 30, 2016

Less Is More

There is not a thing worse than the usual girl with tons of makeup on. It can force you to appear draggish and old or not know what your doing. Here is a suggestion for girls I want to share, less is more. Cosmetics should accentuate you and is not to be covered, you should always let your natural beauty show, light make up and hair down and free, not everything needs to be salon treated, you don't have to make a trip to the salon to get your makeup done and a Brazilian blowout. Keep the queen in the photos but in public display your true face, it's understandable for a woman to want to get dolled up for some pictures where all the lights going to be on you and you have to look flawless, perfect makeup and hair straightening on fleek, if your going to get a keratin it better be the best keratin treatment in town. On the other hand a man doesn't want to hug his women and see her face stuck to his shirt, a man wants to see the real woman, fall in love with her natural beauty, her glow and even her flaws, it's what makes you you.

Looking Good and Natural

There are the essential must have things of make-up every girl should possess. All girls should have an excellent long lasting mascara make them stand out and to lengthen the lashes. Frequently I see them prepared to fall off the eyelash fighting to hang on for dear life of the girl; mascara that is straightforward will work. Clear mascara can be used by you or implement underneath black mascara and always you use lightly, for years and years women have been putting on way too much makeup not realizing what they're really putting on their face and before the FDA got involved big corporations were mass producing makeup products with all kinds of fillers and additives that weren't even tested and now people are seeing some of the side effects that can range from anywhere from light skin irritation to cancer.

You should preserve the lipstick for date although I am an advocate for a neutral lipstick or lip gloss. For day-to-day wear lip gloss would be suggested by me or attempt a great brand of Chap Stick to keep the lips appearing moisturized and soft. It is possible to go for a subtle use of brownish or black for a remarkable appearance that is dark. I 'd avoid the vibrant shades for everyday wear.

Unless you plan on going on a date do not trouble with base and eye shadow. If your skin gets easily oily you may want to brush a light powder over your face to keep the shine to a bare minimum and if your a person who easily perspires face makeup should not be worn or at the very least be used very lightly. If odor is a problem, you should look into ever the counter high strength deodorant and if that's not enough don't be afraid to ask the Dr. to prescribe you some prescription deodorant, there are some individuals with a condition called hyperhidrosis and it can be of discomfort for you and others around you.

Another suggestion to apply to your own makeup look is nicely-groomed eyebrows, not too thin and remember to go with the shape you already have, clean and around the edges is fine. Comb upward the eyebrows and brush them in exactly the same direction to keep your eyebrows looking awesome and fine not unkempt and bushy. It is necessary if you wear make-up and moisturize to clean your skin. I like my skin to soften. Following these suggestions will keep you looking youthful, approachable and natural appearing.